• In this form of entertainment, the audience is close to the magic. Denis mingles with the guests and creates memorable up-close miracles with some of the magic actually happening in the guests own hands. This is extremely powerful. The entertainment is a superb ice breaker and is delivered in an interactive, humoristic and engaging way, where Denis can mingle between seated and/or standing guests.

  • A dynamic, humorous show that combines world-class magic, comedy and hands on audience participation. In this form of entertainment Denis entertains the whole room at once, keeping the spectators at the edge of their seats. The corporate show is a cocktail of magic, illusion, mind reading and quick-witted humour that is proven to be hugely successful for all kinds of corporate events. The stand-up magic show features a modern and unique magic that will leave lasting impressions on your guests.

  • Important corporate events need to run smoothly. Denis Stone is both a world class magician and a compelling key-note speaker. He leads the audience through your event seamlessly from beginning to end, ensuring the event is run very efficiency, to schedule and highly entertaining. As Denis is a native English speaker, having him as a host for your event is perfect when the event is in English. Denis Stone will engage, inform and amaze your audience. Studies have shown that people learn and internalise new information when they are fully engaged, have a positive attitude and are enjoying themselves.

  • Denis hosts and presents an enjoyable team-building workshop, where the delegates learn exciting new skills that includes magic tricks. A typical team building event teaches the clients some easy, but impressive magic tricks. The concept is for your guests/staff to work together in small teams to learn the tricks and mind-reading techniques. They then work in teams to present their new skills. This challenges creative thinking, communication, presentation and problem-solving skills. Magic and entertainment has been proven to boost self-confidence and public speaking skills, which is hugely important in the corporate world.

  • Hire a world-class trade show magician. Denis Stone’s outgoing and charming personality and amazing magic is great for drawing a crowd. He delivers a message in a powerful and professional manner. When you hire Denis for your trade show you will see more traffic to your booth, resulting in more qualified leads and more business. He can make your product launch a truly unforgettable and memorable occasion. He uses his great magic and mentalism to blend with the product ideas and energises it for the launch. His style, presentation and careful consideration for the client’s product makes him high demand for product launches around the world.

  • Denis has been hired to entertain VIPs and celebrities at concerts and festivals, in addition to being the main act at several festivals. He has also been hired to huge success at the opening night parties for different TV programmes. He is the magician of the stars. See some of our review and some star-studded photos here!!